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Welcome back friends and enemies lol 😂 I kid, I kid we are all family here. One of the most popular subjects that has been swirling around the net is about manifesting. When you mention this be aware of who you are speaking to. you may have to lower your voice, or risk getting carried off to the insane asylum. Indeed the mere mentioning of this word may call into question everything you have done in the past 20 years or so 😂. Why is this so? In this blog post we will attempt to discover the secrets of this ancient spiritual concept of creating anything you desire by thought alone. We will attempt to understand why so many people are drawn to it, and why are so many dismissive of it. We will attempt to answer one of the most puzzling question of all time. Is this the hidden secret to great fortunes and wealth.

So what is manifestation? The definition of the word manifest is to display or show ( with a type of feeling) or quality an appearance to demonstrate something. An example you may have heard goes like this “ Suzy began to manifest symptoms of a fever”. Not many would question if this statement is true or false, it just is. The idea that a person could actually by sheer mental capabilities create the life they desire goes against what many have been taught. If you travel all around the world you will encounter many various people and many varied beliefs. Many cultures believe you can manifest however with the social climate this belief is reserved for more spiritual members in that culture. For you to attain this level of spiritual knowledge it would take a lifetime of discipline and study. Needles to say this discourages most people to even think about it much less try it. Most people equate this to the realm of magic which has some elements of trickery. So people really don’t trust it they may have religious beliefs and think that any acknowledgment of manifestation will counter everything they have been taught. Let’s face it many people believe it is simply witchcraft.

It truly would be an interesting blog if this was about the occult, sorry to disappoint it is not. The facts are that just about everyone has manifested something into existence. We are always wanting something whether it be a new car, job or a spouse. Whatever it may be we are sending out vibrations of what we want into the universe. The problem is our belief is not strong enough or we have a built up resistance to what we say we want, or a limiting belief about that desire. The limited beliefs are either learned or taught. Many of these thought processes are handed down from generation to generation. Most people want to be accepted by their peers, family and friends. So nobody bucks the trend and the status quo remains in place. These are some pretty powerful reasons not to even begin to try to manifest anything but there remains one big problem, you are always manifesting. Think of it like this, your riding in your car you turn the dial to a different station to get the weather update. You must turn to a specific frequency to hear the weather broadcast, if the station is 101.4 FM you wont hear the broadcast anywhere but there because of the frequency. When you think about something that you want your thoughts are energy and they go out as a frequency. Your thought much match the frequency of what you want. You do this by finding the feeling that the desire gives you, this feeling is the frequency of what you want, match this frequency and you will get what you want.

You are always manifesting no matter what your beliefs are this is pure fact. So if this is true then why not manifest what you actually want? Here lies the next group of obstacles that turn many away from the idea of manifesting, they don’t know what they want. Ok call me crazy 🤪 but you got to be kidding me people don’t know what they want? Yes this is true, some people don’t put enough thought into really understanding what they want. Most importantly what they feel about what they want. So it is inevitable that they will not manifest it. Another problem is that many people doubt themselves they don’t believe that they are capable of anything, low self esteem will hurt manifestation. Then there are the people who worry to much, the what if crowd, you now who you are. What if I get that new car and somebody steals it. This negative mindset will only manifest negative things. So many people are consumed with what they don’t want that they continue to manifest that, because you are always manifesting.

What have many ancient cultures and civilizations known that this modern sophisticated society keeps missing? Many ancient civilizations had ceremonies, where they collectively focused on a objective. We still have this today we call it meditation. So is mediation the key to getting what you want? I believe it can be a start, while it may be easy for some others may have a difficult time focusing and letting go. Our world is often chaotic, so many things going on it becomes hard to drown out the noise and focus.

Guided meditation has proven to not only reduce stress and anxiety but it can contribute to better overall mental health and well being. When you quiet the mind then you can focus, then you want to think about something you want that you have no doubt you can get but do not have at the moment. Think about what it will feel like once you get it, hold this feeling in your mind this is the frequency of your desire. Whenever you think 🤔 of this desire also match the feeling you have now and you will begin the process of manifesting it into reality. You should do this with simple things allowing you to understand the specific way your mind manifest. However if you have any doubt then you will not manifest it. It is kind of all or nothing type of thing.

I hope that this blog has Inspired you to dream that Impossible dream, to reach for the stars not the sky that would be a whole different kinds of blog 😂. To be positive, stay focused and believe that everything you want can be yours. All you have to do is dream.

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